We have a proven track record of successful implementations based on the Sitecore Experience Platform, including the setup of Email Experience Manager (EXM), Marketing automation and integrations with backend systems. Blastic is a proud Sitecore Platinum Partner.

Sitecore’s purpose is to build human connections in today’s digital world. It’s important to bond with your audience with personalized experiences and empathic messages. This means that for every scenario, you need to be able to provide the right content at the right time. 

To do this, Sitecore’s product portfolio helps teams to address the entire content cycle, including a Digital Asset Management system, Content Marketing Platform, Digital Experience Platform with multi-site, multi-brand and multi-lingual content management, Email marketing, marketing automation tools and e-commerce platform.  

When you put Sitecore in the middle of your digital architecture as the central digital marketing platform, great things happen.  

We are a Sitecore Platinum partner with a proven record of implementations and have 3 Sitecore MVPs in our team.


Blastic Sitecore MVPs


We are a Sitecore Platinum Partner, and we have 3 Sitecore MVP's in our team. What does this mean for you? Not only do we have an excellent relationship with the vendor, we also have tons and tons of Sitecore knowledge on board.

Combining a state-of-the-art, market-leading content management system with contextual insights driven by the Sitecore Experience Database (XDB).

The Sitecore CMS is a robust content management system that scales for enterprise needs. It enables marketeers to deliver the right content, to the right person, exactly at the right time.

As Sitecore is a .NET based platform, integrations can be setup easily using API's and frameworks such as the Sitecore xConnect and Data Exchange Framework.

Multi-site support and reusable content

Sitecore provides multi-site support and content sharing across all of them, delivering a consistent customer experience on every property.

At Blastic, we implement Sitecore frameworks for our customers with a library of reusable elements to easily build new websites; each with their own look & feel but with a consistent backend and possibility to re-use content trough out the different websites and other channels, personalized on the behavior of the visitors.

Profiling and segmentation

Sitecore enables marketers to engage customers in authentic conversations by “listening” to their interests in real time and personalizing content to meet their needs.
The platform includes automatic profile scoring with implicit and explicit behaviors, as well as data on how customers are responding to your (e-mail) campaigns.

Sitecore can deliver personalized experiences: personalizing text, rich media, forms, social media widgets, promotions, recommendations, and more based on a visitor's current behavior, device, or location.

Configurable forms

With Sitecore Forms, marketeers can create their own forms to be used on the website with a drag & drop user interface. The analytics and reporting capabilities of the Sitecore Forms application enable marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their forms instantly.

Email marketing with Sitecore Email Experience Manager

Email marketing continues to dominate as a communication channel. However, as email users, we never open much of what we receive. Often, emails are generic, irrelevant or inconsistent with other forms of communication. The Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) supports a fundamentally different approach.

Setting up e-mails from within the Sitecore Experience Platform allows marketers to leverage customer insights as you plan emails, so that you can deliver more contextual, relevant and well-timed communication. All of which drives higher conversions and yields better business results.

Marketing automation

Connect and automate interactions with your customers and prospects across any channel or device, enabling highly personalized and relevant conversations. By using conditions, triggers, listeners and actions the content editors and marketers can set up automation flows integrated with the website and Email Experience Manager.

No-compromise headless: Sitecore Omni

Sitecore can be set up as a headless CMS, leveraging JavaScript APIs. Sitecore is the heart of your omnichannel digital marketing strategy, being the marketing content hub.

Developers work in a familiar language and you don't have to sacrifice personalization to deliver everywhere, including IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, mixed reality, and digital signage for true omnichannel reach.

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